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Everlucky History


Everlucky Chemicals Corp. was established in November 1997. We mainly produce all kinds of home cares and professional cleaners.


In June, 1998, we developed and manufactured the peroxide bleach (a laundry additives) in cooperation with Nice enterprise co.,LTE. The first production is " Baigo double oxygen bleach”, and in the same year in August we passed the quality requirement by Unilever, then we started to manufacture our second product, " Bailan color bleach'.


Our unique formulation and good control of process help us win an excellent “reputation ". Few years later, we were commissioned to make more products for other famous companies including magic amah and Maobao.  As the result, more than half of the oxygen bleach in Taiwan was made by us.


Besides double oxygen bleach, Company also accepts Unilever’s and SC Johnson in Taiwan’s commission in 2000. We step into homecare and professional cleaner. We devoted in developing outstanding product, controlling our quality of product and keeping delivery time short and flexible. We earned the customer’s recognition and appreciation. Our annual OEM revenue was increased to NT $ 100 million.

Theory of Business

We believed and hold three major principles: professional, eco-friendly and safety assurance. We keep fulfill the customer’s demand in OEM and ODM, and insist to provide the best quality and the honest prices. EL Company continues to improve in order to achieve to be the best.


Professional manufacturer in Home care and commercial cleaners

As a professional manufacturer, Everlucky corp. focuses on invest equipment and recruit high-quality human resource. We always do our business in the honest attitude and the best effectiveness. We are responsible to our product and make our customer satisfied. They can enjoy lower cost and obtain the additional professional advices from us.  


Only one earth, environmental protection is our responsibility

Our products never contain plasticizers, formaldehyde nonylphenol and other unfriendly unsafe ingredient. Our principles are reducing the usage of packing material and decreasing the wastage on each dosage while cleaning. We wish, by doing so, we can build a healthy eco-friendly society.


ISO 22716 (Cosmetics GMP) High quality certification

EL crop continuously carry on the ISO 9001 quality certification for more than 10 years. In order to ensure the quality, safety and stability of product, we improve ourselves to obtain the higher quality certification (ISO 22716 Cosmetics GMP). We aim to make our customer feel safe and reliable.

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